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Meet Braeden

I am an innovator, entrepreneur, photographer, and community advocate who grew up going to Douglas County schools and after graduating college moved back to be close to family and live in this beautiful area. I am a fierce advocate for education, fighting pollution, and doing what we can to be resilient against the threat of natural disasters. I also believe in the importance of mental health care, public safety, housing, and that our education and political system need to adapt to the quickly changing world we live in.

It would not only be an honor to represent the area I grew up in as a State Senator but also believe that my voice and ideas are necessary. In a governing body of 36 what is more important than being a political insider is being a person with fresh perspectives and interest in finding solutions over following the party narrative. As a State Senator I will meet with community and bring our perspective, and the energy and creativity of a younger generation to passing smart heart-centered change at our Capitol.

I grew up here in Douglas County going to public schools here from elementary onward and had a great experience with life changing teachers. I am the middle child of three and from a young age we had the luck to travel and I grew up seeing how similar people are and how beautiful different parts of the world were. Hearing about how that world was changing and may not be around for my future kids to see inspired me to study environmental and social science in college - learning about how everything was connected and how change was made spurred me on. Along the way I added a business innovation degree, took a design thinking course, and led the environmental board at CU managing a budget of over 7 million that gave me well rounded experience. Throughout college and afterward I also worked as a photographer in our family small business. 


After college I also began starting my own companies with the first one being in the realm of education and STEAM(Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math) learning. That growth led to learning about many things from education frameworks, storytelling, entrepreneurship, and so much more. Eventually politics became more and more in focus for me. We were helping improve the problem solving skills of kids and youth but what if the problems got worse at a quicker pace than these young changemakers could take on. That is when politics rose up to me as one the biggest levers for change, and thus positive change, that could change that. At first I volunteered with organizations fighting money in politics or for environmental policy, I than got more involved helping the local democratic party, and now after six years I decided to run myself. This race is about more than myself - it is about the policy we can pass that changes and improves life's and showing younger generations that there voice is wanted and encouraged at the table. Politics can no longer be for political insiders and old perspectives that are out of touch. 

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley

Our Mission
Election Day

Elect State Leaders This Year With Community Values

We are seeing more and more how important elections, and local community centered representation matter. Regardless of party affiliation this year let us look at the candidates we think will have our back and best interests in mind. Let us find those who inspire us with their values, their perspectives, and their voice!

Join us this year by volunteering, donating, and/or coming to an event!

Thank you for all support and good vibes

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